Greyson Johnson
Photographer, Videographer, Graphic Designer
I grew up in a family full of artists. Each of them had their own twist and even at a young age I knew that art would be my path. I had an interest in Art and Technology, I wanted to bridge the two. Digital art through Photo, Video and Graphic Design became the way that I did this. I soon learned that I could tell other people's stories through this method and have been in the business of doing so ever since. Currently I am a Co-Founder of a Company that does this called Lochwood Studios that I started with my brother and a few friends. Majority of my professional work is collaborative and can be found at, while here is my independent work. I am also very passionate about student development and work as a Resident Assistant at a high level boarding school. Additionally I am pursuing a Bachelor of Business Administration - BBA focused in Marketing from Coker University on a full ride scholarship.